Steve’s Car Tip #3: Are Your Tires Safe?

new tire photo

Tires.  What would we do without them for our transportation needs?  But, many people seem to not pay enough attention to them, which could be a safety hazard.  So, what should we be looking for when we look at our own tires?

Steve, owner of Gerbig’s Osage Auto Service, says, “In addition to looking at the inflation of tires, look for low-tread or cracking between the tread blocks.”

So, how do you know that your tread is low?

He says, “You need to have at a minimum 3/32 of an inch of tread.”

Anything else that we should be looking for?

Steve says, “Also, you should look for cuts, scrapes or abrasions on the side walls.”

If you are needing some tires, Gerbig’s Osage Auto Service  has a good supply of new or used tires to fit anyone’s price range.  But, whereever you are…don’t neglect your safety and invest in some new tires if you see any of these signs.