Dead Battery

Steve’s Car Tip #4: What’s The ONE BEST Measure To Ensure “Cold Weather Startups” For Your Vehicle?

Dead Battery

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Winter cold weather seems to bring out the ‘worst’ in vehicles.  How many of us, at some time or another, have gotten up on a cold winter morning and prepared to leave home, only to have a car that won’t start?  Frustrating, huh!? Many factors can come into play as to why this might happen, but the prevailing reason for this is a battery that doesn’t have the “juice” or strength to turn over.    According to Steve, the ONE BEST thing that can be done to ensure “cold weather startups” is to have a good battery.

What happens when your battery is weak in cold winter weather?  When your batter is weak the flow of electrons is decreased .  And, the cold weather slows the flow of electricity, also.  The combined decrease in the rate of electrical flow from both conditions may make it impossible for the car engine to turn over and start.  So, your best defense against this happening is to make sure your battery is in good functional condition.   This is something that a professionally trained auto  mechanic can diagnose for you.

And, hopefully, your battery doesn’t look like this….

Crusty Battery Pic

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And, that your car doesn’t look like this….

Winter Snowed In Car Pic

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All kidding aside, cold weather car startup problems are no fun.  Be prepared and make sure you have a good battery installed in your vehicle.

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