Steve’s Car Tip #7: Stop It! …Good Brake Care

Photo Credit:  Right Brain Photography

Photo Credit: Right Brain Photography

You should probably know that without good brakes, your vehicle would not be safe as you may not be able to stop quickly or slow down when you need to.  This may be especially bad when you are driving at higher speeds!  Here are a few tips that might help you:

  1. Free brake inspections are available at many car repair shops.  Take advantage of this free inspection service that may be offered in order to secure your business.  They should check all your hydraulic fluids, brake pads and shoes, caliper and rotor wear along with checking your anti-lock brake system (if your vehicle has one).
  2. Make it a rule to visit your regular ASE certified full-service mechanic shop so you can catch any problems early on and avoid costly repairs to a badly damaged system.  These kind of shops inspect all systems as a preventative measure for good maintenance practice and safe vehicle operation.
  3. Learn to pay attention to the common signs that accompany brake
    problems like your vehicle pulling to one side when applying your brakes, a soft feel to the pedal, jerking when you attempt to stop, leaking around the wheels, strange grinding sounds or grinding noises, or your brake warning light turns on.

If you should have any of the warning signs or need your yearly brake inspection (and are in the Lake of the Ozarks area), call or stop by Gerbig’s Osage Auto Service for quality service that is fast and convenient.

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